“All living tissues are in constant rhythmic motion”.

Dr W. G. Sutherland, D.O.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual approach that helps restore the function of the different structures of the human body in order to optimize its self-regulation capacity.

This practice is based on in-depth anatomical, physiological and biomechanical knowledge as well as an understanding of the interactions that allow for the harmonious balance of the body.

Basic concept of Osteopathy

Through a fine and precise palpation, a complete and global evaluation will be performed by our osteopaths in order to investigate the cause of musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial dysfunctions. Each osteopathic follow-up is specific to the patient and his needs.

The osteopath does not make a medical diagnosis and is not a substitute for your doctor. It is very often complementary to allopathic medicine.

Opting for your Osteopathy treatments in our clinic means :

A complete analysis of your medical history and its impact on your health

The impact of various past surgeries, accidents and other injuries has an impact on your quality of life and your daily ailments. The Osteopath takes into consideration all your medical history in order to solve, like a puzzle, the link or links causing your discomforts.

Different techniques are used by our Osteopaths during the treatment.

Follow-up for the whole family

The osteopath plays a preventive and curative role at any stage of life, whether it is for the infant, the child, the adult, the pregnant woman, the elderly, the sportsman or a person with reduced mobility.

The baby

Pregnancy and childbirth are often sources of stress and tension for the baby, which can be relieved by osteopathy. Osteopathy can help with problems such as regurgitation, sleeping problems, difficulty swallowing, flat head, digestive discomfort, etc.

The child

Osteopathy accompanies the child for a harmonious growth. It is beneficial following falls, during postural disorders, sleep, concentration, during mechanical restrictions, to accompany orthodontic work, etc.

The adolescent

The physical, physiological and psychological changes of the teenager are sometimes a source of tension. Osteopathy accompanies this period by reducing tensions and thus helps to restore the balance that the body needs.

The adult

Work, sport and daily life activities put a lot of strain on the body, which can thus become vulnerable. Osteopathy helps the body to function better and to feel better by restoring its overall balance.

The elderly

As in every period of life, osteopathy can help you by promoting the mobility of the different structures of the body, by increasing circulation and by restoring the general balance of the body. It represents a real relief for many discomforts and dysfunctions.

The pregnant woman

Osteopathy accompanies women during this period of great change. It helps to reduce the discomforts of the pregnant woman allowing her to fully enjoy this period. Osteopathy is recommended in preparation for childbirth as well as for its aftermath in order to regain a good general balance.

Convalescence and rehabilitation

Thanks to gentle and precise manipulations, osteopathy is an interesting approach following surgery.

Professionals constantly improving their skills through continuous training
To be treated by osteopaths who graduated in Quebec and in France!

How many visits do I need for my treatments?

The number of visits required is relative to the severity of your condition and your health goals. The duration of osteopathic interventions varies from one person to another. The number of sessions will depend on various factors such as your general condition, your medical history and your lifestyle.

Each person is unique and the speed of response to osteopathic interventions will depend on various factors such as general condition, history, lifestyle. Take the time to discuss with them a personalized care plan that will be most specific and beneficial to you.


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